An Econometric Analysis of Soybean Production in Turkey



The aim of this study is to analyze the econometric analysis of soybean agriculture in Turkey and the effects of economic crisis on soybean agriculture. The data used in the study includes 1981-2008 years. The dependent variable used in the study is soybean production amount and the independent variables are soybean import amount, soybean import price, soybean oil production amount and soybean yield. Crisis years have been added as dummy variable in order to determine the effect of the crisis. Vector error correction model has been used as an analysis method.

As a result of the statistical analysis, it has been determined that the independent variables are statistically significant. The determination coefficient has been found as 0.61. According to estimated VEC model, a significant relation between crisis and import amount, import price and soybean yield has not been determined. Nonetheless, there seems to be a negative relationship between crisis and soybean production amount and soybean oil production amount. It has been determined that both soybean production amount and soybean oil production amount have decreased in the crisis after 1981.


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