The Comparison of Growth Curve with Different Models in Anatolian Buffalo



The aim of this study is determining the relationship between body weight and time with growth curve models and selecting the best fitted model. The study is realized total 54 head female and male Water Buffalo for one year period. Richards, Gompertz, Logistic and Von Bertalanffy models are used as growth model in recent study. The model parameters are calculated and the comparisons among the models are materialized according to goodness of fit criteria (R2, R2adj, MSE, AIC and BIC). As a result, all models are indicated that high and similar goodness of fit criteria. Richards and Von Bertalanffy models are the most appropriate (R2=0,996; R2adj =0,993; MSE=62,71; AIC=42,47; BIC=27,29)for female animal and(R2=0,998; R2d =0,998; HKO=18,51; AIC=30,51; BIC=12,65) male animal,respectively.


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