Determination of Chemical Quality Parameters with Yield and Yield Components of Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids According to Various FAO Maturity Groups

fatih öner


This study was set up at three locations (Samsun, Adapazari and Adana)  in Turkey in 2008. Randomised block design with three replications was used. At each location 24 hybrids were tested from each of four maturity groups  (FAO 400, FAO 600, FAO 650 and FAO 700). Measurements were made of the yield average (kg/da) and the yield components (kernel/cob ratio, plant height, cob height, moisture) were. The protein, oil and starch content of the kernels was determined. In each maturity group the highest yield averages were associated with the greatest average starch content, except for the FAO 400 group in Adana. The variety caused greater differences in protein content than the location. The highest oil content were found  in the FAO 650 and FAO 700 groups, but the highest starch content were found FAO 600, FAO 650 and FAO700


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