Determination of Some Heavy Metals Level in Kashar Cheese Produced in Thrace Region*



In this research, 50 samples of kashar cheese produced and sold in Trakya (Thrace) region,  were studied for analysis of  heavy metals as Lead (Pb), tin (Sn), copper (Cu) and mercury (Hg). Heavy metals contents of samples were determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) after having been burned in a microwave oven. As a result of this study, average heavy metal contents of 50 samples found as; lead (Pb):0.0600 ppm, tin (Sn): 0.0366 ppm, copper (Cu): 0.5036 ppm, mercury (Hg): 0.0214 ppm. The obtained results show that mean concentrarion of copper and tin in samples are below average levels whereas some results in lead and mercury are above the average levels.

Keywords: Kashar cheese, lead, tin, cupper, mercury

*This study is a part of Bengi Eren Öztür’s master thesis


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